Insurance is a requirement for all tree-care company members of TCIA, but not all insurance is created equal. Each business has different needs. Are yours being met? Are you spending more than you need to?

“Our company, Hoppe Tree Service, became accredited in 2006. We also have Fred Hoppe, one of the first Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff.

We had Peterson Associates give us a comparison quote for our insurance and because of our TCIA Accreditation and having a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional on staff, we were able to save considerable money on our business insurance.”
Lisa Hoppe, Hoppe Tree Service

Guide to Purchasing Insurance

What to buy, how much to buy and who to buy from are only a few of the insurance factors to consider.

TCIA has highlighted some general items that tree care companies should consider when purchasing insurance, and included a checklist of items to review with your insurance carrier.

As a professional tree care company, customers seek your expertise. Why settle for insurance that’s anything less than professional?

ArborMAX®, the only insurance program endorsed by the Tree Care Industry Association, doesn’t just provide insurance for tree care companies. It also supports the industry through competitive pricing and by contributing to industry safety and loss control programs.