The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is the foremost business management resource for tree care companies, providing tree care professionals like you with tools you can use every day to increase profits, lower training costs, retain quality employees, and stay a step ahead of continually evolving regulatory issues.

Thousands of tree care companies and affiliated companies worldwide – are members of the only tree-care company association in the world.

Membership in TCIA may be one of the most strategic steps you will ever take to grow your tree care business and rise above the competition.

Member Services

Get Involved

TCIA members are well-connected and enjoy many opportunities to get more involved with the association and the industry – join a networking group, join a TCIA committee or advocate for the industry.

Member Resources

TCIA provides downloadable materials to our members that cover a wide variety of tree-related topics.

Member Advantage Program

TCIA works with the best industry manufacturers, distributors, and support service companies to give you the most for your money and improve your daily business operations.


TCIA Accreditation

TCIA Accreditation is a third-party consumer confidence verification program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) – America’s oldest and most respected tree-care trade association.

Business Solutions


Insurance is a requirement for all tree-care company members of TCIA, but not all insurance is created equal. Each business has different needs. Are yours being met?

TCIA Member 401K Plan

Tree Care Industry Association group 401(k): Bringing real value to our member businesses!

Peer-to-Peer Groups

TCIA has the only peer-to-peer group dedicated to the tree care industry.


Businesses within your network automatically qualify for pre-negotiated cost savings from pre-vetted, nationally-known vendors.

Storm Network

Get your company on our list of TCIA members who are able and willing to help out other TCIA members in their time of need.


TCIA’s annual, signature events include the annual TCI EXPO, the world’s largest tree care industry trade show, and conference; Winter Management Conference and the Executive Arborist Workshop.


TCIA’s annual signature event TCI EXPO, the world’s largest tree-care industry trade show and conference.


TCIA’s Executive Arborist Workshop will give you the tools you need to stop working in your business and allow you to work on your business.

Join hundreds of like-minded tree care professionals for five days of sharing knowledge with industry peers, finding solutions for your business in today’s complicated world, and celebrating successes and milestones with your colleagues.

Workforce Development


TCIA’s Outsidecareers website helps educate potential tree care industry employees about what it is to be an Arborist and also a free Tree Care Business resource.


TCIA’s Careercenter is a job search and job posting website that specifically serves the Tree Care Industry.

FREE Online Course: Intro to Arboriculture Safety
Available in English and Spanish

Introduction to Arboriculture Safety is a FREE certificate course offered by Tree Care Industry Association for individuals exploring, or new to, a career in arboriculture.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Corporate members provide products and services that focus on the tree care industry, and are dedicated to the safety and efficiency of the tree care professionals.

Corporate Membership Listing

Our Corporate Member Listing provides a searchable list of the best vendors in the tree care industry. You will be able to find products, services, and equipment to help improve and grow your tree care business!


TCIA’s mission as a trade association is to advance tree care businesses. One of the primary ways to protect and advance the industry is by influencing public policy in a direction favorable for our members.

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